Economics and Personal Finance Teacher Training – February 2015

Economics and Personal Finance Teacher Training

Wednesday, February 4th – Oklahoma City

Wednesday, February 10th – Tulsa

This class features the revered and newly updated national Council for Economic Education’s (CEE’s) publication, High School Economics, 3rd Edition, a treasure… Continue reading

New Lesson on Taking Risks: PFL Standard 12 Gambling

Why do some people take more risks than others? The answer to that question may help explain the reason some people enjoy gambling activities and others don’t. This lesson will help students explore and understand the risks and rewards of… Continue reading

Financial Empowerment Teacher of the Year Award Entries Being Accepted

Teachers! TFCU wants to recognize you! Submit an application along with a lesson you have created and big money could be yours. $1,000 is awarded to the winner AND their school! How awesome is that?

Financial Empowerment Teacher of the… Continue reading