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My students are concerned about the stock market and afraid to start investing with things like they are today. What should I tell them?
Annie, Tulsa


Great question, Annie. The current economic crisis is unsettling for a lot of us. For young people, however, it can be a great opportunity to start investing while prices are very low. Stocks, bonds, real estate and other similar investment tools are currently “on sale” for anyone who has money to buy. Because stocks are designed to be long-term investments, young people have a lifetime to let their investments grow. In today’s market, they are able to buy low and then sell high once the market recovers. Of course, investing has a risk, and it is possible that prices will fall even more before they recover. It is also possible that stocks will remain low forever or that the entire system will fail, but both of those outcomes are rather unlikely. For young people, the greatest risk today may be failing to invest!

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