Standard 3: Banking and Financial Services

Standard 3. The student will describe the functions and uses of banks and other financial service providers.

  1. Identify and compare the basic types of financial institutions (e.g., banks, mortgage companies, credit unions, brokerage firms, and finance companies).
  2. Describe and compare the most common financial products and services (e.g., checking, credit cards, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), savings, loans, investments, and insurance).

Online Curriculum and Lesson Plans

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  • Module 3.1: Finding Financial Services

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  • Lesson 9 – Banking
  • Lesson 10 – Banking Services

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Council for Economic Education Lessons

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  • Lesson 9 – Banking
  • Lesson 10 – Banking Services
  • Lesson 11 – Financial Institutions

Financial Fitness for Life: Bringing Home the Gold, (9-12)

  • Theme 5, Lesson 21, Banking Basics

Focus on Institutions and Markets

  • Lesson 4 – Financial Systems

From Plan to Market: Teaching Ideas for Social Studies, Economics, and Business Classes

  • Lesson 7 – Why Middlemen Matter: The Role of Financial Institutions in a Market Economy.

Your Credit Counts Challenge

  • Section 2, Financial Institutions

Online Resources

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Expanded Activities

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