Standard 11 - Insurance

Standard 11. The student will describe and explain how various types of insurance can be used to manage risk.

  1. Identify common risks to life and property (e.g., illness, death, natural catastrophe, and accident).
  2. Explain the purpose and importance of insurance protection as a risk management strategy (e.g., life, health, property, liability, disability, and automobile).
  3. Examine appropriate amounts of insurance and how insurance deductibles work.

Online Curriculum and Lesson Plans

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  • Module 11.1: Identifying Risk
  • Module 11.2: Different Types of Insurance
  • Module 11.3: Using Insurance to Manage Risk

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  • Lesson 18 – Insurance: Managing Your Risk

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Council for Economic Education Lessons

Virtual Economics Insurance Lessons

Lesson 1 – Why Insurance and How Does It Work?

Lesson 2 - The Basics of Life Insurance

Lesson 3 – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Automobile Insurance

Lesson 4 – Why Renter’s Insurance?

Financial Fitness for Life, Bringing Home the Gold (9-12), Teacher Guide

Theme 5: Lesson 22 – Managing Risk: The Good News about Insurance

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