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This site is designed for classroom teachers implementing HB 1476: Oklahoma’s Passport to Financial Literacy. Included on this site is a listing of teacher resources for the 14 areas of instruction required for high school graduation.

The web site is provided by the Oklahoma Council on Economic Education (OCEE).

OCEE is designated by the State of Oklahoma to provide training, materials and support for teaching personal financial literacy in our state. We work closely with the State Department of Education and other organizations to ensure teachers are prepared to help students learn how to make good choices that impact their financial success, today and tomorrow.

OCEE is a 501c3 organization whose mission is promoting economic and financial literacy for all Oklahomans. OCEE is housed in the Department of Economics and International Business, College of Business Administration at the University of Central Oklahoma.

For information on teacher training and about OCEE, please visit our companion web site at www.econisok.org.

If you have suggestions for materials to add to this web site or want to be involved in promoting financial literacy in Oklahoma, please send your emails to econed@uco.edu.

D. J. Thompson
OCEE Executive Director

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What’s New


Tinker Federal Credit Union (TFCU) took another step in its efforts to advance and encourage financial education for students by hosting its second annual Teacher of the Year award program.

Bryon Searing, teacher at Wells Middle School in Catoosa, was awarded the Award of Excellence, which included a $1,000 prize and a plaque. Kathy Farquhar, teacher at Broken Arrow High School, was awarded the Award of Merit, which included a $500 prize and a plaque. A $1,000 prize was also awarded to Wells Middle School and a $500 prize to Broken Arrow High School.

The contest was designed to acknowledge and reward educators who are making a difference by teaching financial literacy in the classroom. It was open to Oklahoma teachers who teach financial literacy to students in grades 7-12.

The 15 entries included an essay from the candidate, a letter of recommendation from their principal and a sample financial education lesson plan used in the classroom. Entries were judged based on content, creativity and cohesiveness.

“TFCU has a robust financial empowerment program that involves over 30 employees offering financial education to community groups, businesses and schools,” Campbell said. “We’re committed to helping people gain control of their finances, and believe it is important to reach students with this information before they make the mistakes of overspending and heavy debt.”

TFCU is the largest credit union in Oklahoma, with over $2 billion in assets and over 230,000 members.