Standard 6: Retirement Planning

  1. Describe the necessity of accumulating financial resources needed for specific retirement goals, activities, and lifestyles, based on life expectancy.
  2. Explain the roles of Social Security, employer retirement plans, and personal investments (e.g., annuities, IRAs, real estate, stocks, and bonds) as sources of retirement income.


Online Curriculum and Lesson Plans

Making $en$e: Financial Success for Oklahoma Students – Oklahoma State Department of Education | view now

Saving for Retirement |

The Stock Market Game

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  • Teams of three to five students invest a hypothetical $100,000.00 in a portfolio
    of common stocks, bonds and mutual funds.
  • comprehensive curriculum materials, print and on-line for students of all
    ability levels, as well as hands-on support.

Visit the OCEE site for more information and to sign your class up.


Council for Economic Education Lessons

Financial Fitness for Life, Bringing Home the Gold, (9-12), Teacher Guide

Contact OCEE to request a free copy of Financial Fitness for Life.

  • Theme 3: Tomorrow’s Money: Getting to the End of the Rainbow
  • Lesson 8 – What Is the Cost of Spending and Saving?
  • Lesson 9 – There Is No Free Lunch in Investing
  • Lesson 10 – Investment Bingo



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Expanded Activities
  • The Stock Market Game | view now
  • Countdown to Retirement: Practical Money Skills : view now